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Care and Cleaning for Newly Finished Floors


We Do recommend the use of Bona Hardwood Floor cleaner; a Swedish formula made specifically for polyurethane floors.  You should clean the floors with the Bona cleaner once every 2-3 weeks, unless you have a sticky spill.  This product can be purchased here at Atlas Flooring.  Along with Micro-Fiber dust mops and dusting cloths that we recommend.

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 For tough clean-up jobs use a solution of ¼ cup of white vinegar in 4-6 cups of warm water.  Do Make sure to wipe the floor dry as you go to dry. Make sure to wipe off with plain water after and wipe dry, vinegar is acidic and can dull the finish.

 Do wipe up any liquid spills immediately, to avoid water damage to the floors and dry the area immediately.

 Do dust frequently with a Micro-Fiber dust mop, this helps to reduce the amount of surface scratches.

 Please Do If you are planning to paint after the floors have just been finished, be sure to apply Red Rosin Paper to floors.  You can find this at The Home Depot or Lowes in the paint department.  It will run you about $10 to $12 per roll; one roll will cover about 500 square feet.

 Do put a throw rug at the entrance(s) to prevent fine cement pebbles from getting on the floors, the pebbles cause the floors to scratch. Make sure the rugs do not have Rubber Backing; it will dissolve the finish and leave markings.

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 Every 2-5 years, depending on wear of the floors; we Do recommend a screen & coat, (re-coat), to the floors.  To do this it will run about $0.75 - $1.00 sq. ft.

            If you notice the finish wearing prior to 2 years call us so we can come and take a look at it.

 Do not clean newly finished floors for at least one month.  Just dust with a dry a Micro-Fiber dust mop while floors cure.           

 Do not mop floors with water or any kind of detergents or cleansers, (any store bought products). For routine clean-ups use a damp a Micro-Fiber mop on the floor, do not flood the floor with water. 

 Do not use a vacuum with Bristles, Only suction type vacuums.

 Do not use Floor Steamer type cleaning devices they will damage your floors.

 Do not use store bought cleaning products such as:  Murphy’s Oil, Endust, Pledge, Pine sol, Orange-Glo, Wet Swiffers, etc….

 Do not use Oil soaps or ammonia products because they can damage or dull the surface.

 Do not put rugs on the floors for the first 2 weeks to a month, the longer the better.  This will cause discoloration while the floors are curing.

 Do not put any kind of TAPE on the floor the tape will cause the finish to peel off the floor.

 Do not use drop cloths or plastic on the finished floors, only Red Rosin Paper.

 Do not let floor wear down to wood layer.  This will cause you to have to re-sand them, instead of screening and coating them.

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